Alawn Welcomes you... Whether you are selling your home or searching for a new one it can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Remember that you can have someone on your side, your own Realtor, Alawn Rockoff. As your Realtor, I know what every real estate process entails. I'm at your service! I provide my clients the tools they need to make informed and timely decisions. My totally automated real estate center includes, real time response to requests for information, listing, images by email, and an extensive property database - allowing my clients unrivalled advantages.My firm, Illustrated Properties Real Estate offers One-Stop-Shopping - providing mortgage assistance, title insurance, home warranties and even your own personal home concierge - to assist you with everything from moving, contracting and interior design. “Searching For Palm Beach County Real Estate and Homes Just Became That Much Easier” Realtor, Alawn Rockoff takes the time to LISTEN to your needs and researches thousands of property listings to find only the homes that meet your exclusive requirements.Work, household chores, commute time and waiting in line, with so many demands placed upon your time, the last thing that you need is to have what is left of your precious little free time wasted by wading through endless listings that don't quite meet your specific needs. Buying a new home should be the realization of a dream, not another time consuming chore.So, just how can you simplify the process of buying your new home?Realtor, Alawn Rockoff simplifies the process by asking the right questions and listening to your needs. Armed with that information, Alawn is able to use available technology and her expert knowledge of the local market to quickly narrow down the available choices to the homes that meet or exceed your expectations. “Looking For Palm Beach County Real Estate?" If you're relocating to Palm Beach County, one of your first considerations should be the various services available in the area. The affluent region of South Florida offers easy access to business hubs and is close to major shopping centers, recreation, and cultural activities. The area also features many private schools and prestigious universities including Palm Beach Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University. “Your Personal Home Shopping Expert” Finding the home of your dreams can be a challenging task - especially when you're not familiar with the area. Alawn Rockoff an experienced Realtor can quickly provide you with tools and information even before you begin touring properties.As if finding a home or property that meets or exceeds your expectation wasn't hard enough, my Palm Beach County real estate relocation kit will provide you with the help you need you to consider the location of your new home. Is it a convenient commute to work? What are the schools like in the area? Is there shopping nearby? Where are the best local restaurants, golf courses, and recreational facilities?Looking at a local map and phone book can only get you so far. You need Alawn Rockoff  a knowledgeable real estate agent that asks the right questions and can provide immediate feedback and information on what it's like to live, work, and play in the Palm Beach County region.


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